Earning Your MBA From Home

For years the MBA has had a prestige that no other master’s degree can claim. During the boomtown days of the late nineties and into the new millennium, the MBA was an instant ticket to a lucrative, interesting job. To a certain extent, it still is. At Wharton, the University of Pennsylvania Business School, 90% of its 2017 graduating class had jobs lined up on graduation day, with an average starting salary of $100,000.

That’s a top school in the Ivy League where corporate recruiters no doubt descended like flies. Getting a master’s degree in business administration online is a little less glamorous. It is also a lot cheaper, not in Pennsylvania, and can have as profound an effect on your life, as it did for those young ladies and gentlemen in Philadelphia.

Online master’s programs in business administration are perhaps the best example of successful distance learning. People who opt for an online MBA program will have completed college, which means that they bring some study habits with them to the home office. They tend to be beyond the college years, which often indicates that it’s a choice clearly made and a serious pursuit. The opportunities for new MBA graduates are still robust. Moreover, as the “new economy” has evolved over the last several years, so have the areas of specialization in MBA programs, giving the student an opportunity to focus on a career area of choice.

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Colorado Technical University offers no less than eight specialties in online MBA programs. These options include: Accounting. Finance. Health Care Management. Human Resource Management. Information Technology Management. Project Management. Business Management. Executive MBA.

Capella University has online Master’s in Business Administration programs with specialties in marketing, finance, and accounting. University of Phoenix Online has an MBA program that includes most of the above choices, and also offers an MBA program with a specialization in global management.

Those kinds of career options can make all the evening hours at the computer worthwhile. And there is no doubt that an MBA on the resume will shorten the job search cycle considerably. It is true that over the last five years there has been a glut of newly-minted MBAs coming into the job market. Nonetheless, the degree stills carries considerable weight when a resume is making its way through the HR process. A degree obtained after an initial excursion into the business world holds a lot of value.

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People who are willing to work in order to achieve advancement will impress a personnel manager in the business world. An online master’s in business administration is proof of that uncompromising ambition. An MBA couples nicely with existing work experience. If you are in the health care field and wish to move up the management chain, you can acquire an online master’s in business administration in the health care field. If you are in human resources or interested in labor relations, there are online MBA programs with an HR focus on negotiation and conflict. There is an astonishing variety of professional avenues that can be widened with an online MBA.

Earning Your MBA From Home

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