Famous American Entrepreneurs and Their Big Dreams

Everyone fantasizes; the fantasizing is mostly about how dramatically we are going to affect the world in our lifetimes. Countless people through the ages have attempted and succeeded in making a big difference. Starting from motion pictures to being a humanitarian, from rock music to striking it rich in business there are many examples. Probably the most challenging of these is making it big in business, though it may not seem so.

Listed here are two personal favorites of the world of entrepreneurship, and facts about them that are not generally known that add to their persistent success.

Ben & Jerry: the Free Lovin’ Ice Cream Extraordinaires

Famous American Entrepreneurs and Their Big Dreams

Ben and Jerry was conceptualized and started by some of east coast hippies about 30 years ago, who had a great liking for ice cream. Since then Ben & Jerry have become a worldwide sensation. Their ice cream is great but, then so is Hagan Daaz and Baskin Robbins. What are their qualities that make them different?

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They possess sensitivity and kindness. The company website has details of not only the products offered by them but also about world peace and conservation. Some of the flavors of ice creams are coined after environmental efforts, or are so artistic and attention-grabbing that you will pick up a pint just to find out more. The wrapping and packaging is quite interesting also. It resembles homemade crafts and full of graphics and fun facts. The icecreams are as nicely packed as their other frozen products. The extra thoughts and the efforts that are used to make and package the ice creams also their interest to affect the world in a good way is most probably the reason behind their success.

A big dream starts with a little wish in The Heart

We are all familiar with Mickey Mouse. He is the world mouse with his multi-billion dollar corporation. Mickey Mouse is an American symbol of fun and entertainment with his bright red shorts and grinning face. What was Walt Disney’s motive behind this? Walt Disney was first known as a cartoonist and only later the entrepreneur he became. The reason behind his success was the belief in himself and his ideas. He took big risks and even sold his family’s insurance policy to finance the park. He decisions were criticized but he did not give up as because he believed in the immense influence of his American dream. He remained loyal to his dreams and made them a financially rewarding reality.

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Famous entrepreneurs have achieved their dreams for different reasons, but what connect them with each other is their drive and their ability to align their heart with their goals.