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The Internet has helped careers in the art and design field rapidly grow all over the world. The use of computers has increased the number of creative jobs and helped the complex field of industrial design in the manufacturing marketplace. Creativity is a hands on talent and using computers for art and design is essential for creativity using distance learning.

Find Art and Humanities Online Degree Programs

For the distance learning environment to be successful, it is important that a professional relationship be established with teachers and that the on-line schools make this relationship available for the student. Using the Internet makes communication between you, the students, and the professors seem effortless. Many discover that communication is vastly improved in on-line programs than in a traditional classroom setting.

Art and design opportunities exist in other areas as well. Architectural and mechanical drafting are two examples of associates degrees that can be obtained on-line, and help develop skills for an entry level job. An associates degree in interior design is another degree available through distance learning from many schools specializing in interior design. Many of the skills these jobs require are often learned in the work place, however the on-line associates degree will give you the jump start you need to get you on your way, as well as look good on a job application and resume.

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