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There are online degrees from art design colleges available in both digital design and web design. Digital design is very art-oriented while web design incorporates designing a web site for commercial, political, or social purposes. Webmasters are essential to businesses because he incorporation of web applications into commercial sites can have a significant affect on potential customers.

Potential webmasters can develop some of their skills through online degrees in visual communications, web and multimedia design; and in graphic design. Other skills that go with website development can be obtained through distance learning courses in online advertising or internet/intranet management programs.

The video game industry is one of the largest professional fields in digital art and design. Online schools have an arrayof courses, and even degrees, in subject areas such as animation, game art and design, game software development and digital graphics. A bachelors degree in game art or game software includes a substantial amount of technical coursework on software and web applications, and a little less emphasis on design. However, online programs work well for these courses because you can go over it with your instructor until you understand it thoroughly.

Find Arts and Humanitites Degree Programs

Many of these same programs are applied in industrial design situations. AutoCAD is only part of industrial design; the art of the product is critical as well. This career requires balancing between the aesthetic and the functional. You can find online training for the right mix of digital skills to break into this field as well.

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