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In nearly every state in the nation, teachers must be credentialed by the state. Traditionally, teaching required a masters degree and at least one year of student teaching, however, the requirements are beginning to loosen up. Online schools are now responsible for providing online programs for all academic courses that are required for teaching certifications. For working adults that wish to become teachers, this provides a distance learning opportunity that reduces the classroom obligations for a teaching credential to a bare minimum. Some online schools have even developed student teaching programs with participating public schools.

Find Education and Teaching Degree Programs

The field of special education is also offered through many distance learning programs. There are many specialization options in special education today and most of them can be pursued by taking education courses online. You can obtain a masters degree in special education with specialization in gifted and talented students. There are degrees in education with specialization in students with special needs. Some of these online programs were made with the purpose of providing the training that is needed for special education certification: the online schools that do so generally have campuses in the states where they provide certification training.

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Through distance learning you can begin a career in education or teaching through many different paths. As with all online programs, you can do it at your own pace. And online schools are usually willing to work with you in order to earn the certification requirements needed.

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