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In the criminal justice field, you can earn a bachelor degree in forensic psychology, fraud analysis, or even crime scene examination. These specialties are quickly becoming important roles in law enforcement organizations of every size. Specialists in forensic psychology often find themselves working with the court system as much as with a law enforcement bureau. A degree from one of many criminal justice colleges can help you land a job at a probation department, parole division or as a court investigator. The number and variance of career opportunities in the field of criminal justice today are growing rapidly.

By earning a criminal justice degree with a paralegal concentration you will be able to begin working in a legal profession. There are programs for certificates, associates degrees and bachelors degrees in paralegal studies. Many law firms are willing to hire paralegals with certificates or associates degrees and let them expand their education on the job. However, earning a bachelors degree, through law school, in the paralegal field creates a better opportunity for career advancement because you will be able to take on tasks that would otherwise be given to lawyers. A degree in paralegal studies can be valuable to you, as well as the law firm that employs you.

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If you have a nursing background, you can obtain a certificate through an online school that will qualify you to be a forensic nurse, or nurse legal consultant. These are post-RN studies that allow you to consult with legal firms that need medical expertise or research on cases that involve injury to clients or others involved in the case. Legal nurse consultants can develop very lucrative careers. A number of nurses who have retired from clinical work cases have switched to the law office with the help of courses in legal consulting.

Find Law, Criminal Justice, & Social Science Degree Programs

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