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Online schools provide extensive educational opportunities in the criminal justice field. Depending on what your specialization is, the levels of study range from certification to PhD. There will always be career opportunities in the criminal justice field because of the growing numbers of criminals entering the system and also because of the rise of specializations within this field. Enrolling in online criminal justice courses or law enforcement training results in learning your law enforcement certification, which is the first important step to take in this field. These programs allow you to choose whether you want to be certified for the corrections, or private security field. Corrections no longer means working as a prison guard, there’s more to it today, as well as more educational opportunities for training in this field. You can obtain an associates, bachelors or masters degree in corrections through distance learning. These online courses allow you to earn a degree and work as a security officer, as a corrections administrator or as a departmental manager at the state or federal level.

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Law and Social Science Degree Programs

There are also criminal justice degrees online and online law enforcement schools. Today, some police departments require that police officer recruits have bachelors degrees. Others are merely looking for some higher education with some type of specialization in the criminal justice field, which you can obtain in a distance learning program. Additional training in the classroom is essential for most law enforcement officers who want to move up in rank. Online schools are perfect for the working police officer who needs to study in order to prepare for the civil service exam for the next level up in rank.

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