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For people interested in beginning a career in a skilled vocational or trade position, distance learning is a great place to start. In some cases- particularly the building trades – the old system of apprenticeship is still used. Regardless, in order to become a licensed electrician or plumber, some vocational training is still needed. If vocational education is not available through on-the-job training, it can certainly be found through an online vocational college.

There are vocational schools and technical trade schools offering HVAC certification, for auto repair technicians, and for the traditional trades such as locksmithing, jewelry repair, and electronics technician. These are professions where much of what is learned is done so through on the job training and requires job experience. However, if you have earned a vocational certification, you will have the basic education that is needed to get a job opportunity in the field.

Certified online training programs are being provided by technical trade schools in an array of professional areas; from hospitality to bookkeeping to child care. Whatever vocational career that interests you most, earning a degree from an online school will get you started there. You can add to that training through online trade schools as time goes on. Many people who begin a career at the entry level earn levels of education as they become more experienced and grow in their job. For instance, you can take an online certification program in the paralegal field and then work your way into a law firm. Once you’re working, you can get an online degree in paralegal studies that will combine with your experience to make you a valued member of the office legal team. Other people have begun paralegal careers with an online certificate as a legal secretary, and build from there.

Find Vocational and Trade Online Degree Programs

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