Finding a Business Administration Career

Business Administration careers have increased in demand considerably since the Industrial Revolution due to the advancement in the United States to big business and large corporations. A career in Business Administration offers perhaps more opportunities than any other career because its services are in demand in every arena of the business world. Employees that have chosen a Business Administration career have a myriad of options before them and hundreds of industries to choose from in which to utilize their skills. Business Administration careers range from industries such as Hospitality, Banking, and Community Outreach, to Insurance, Retail, and Government. Within these industries, even more opportunities are provided through the various departments of Business Administration including Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, Directorships, Marketing and Sales, Consulting Services, Information Technology, Operations, and General Management.

Finding a Business Administration Career

Education is key to success in a Business Administration career and greatly improves opportunities for advancement. Employers in most disciplines of Business Administration prefer, if not require, a college degree. Of the more popular disciplines, Finance and Sales, almost all employers require degrees. Of the remaining services, the greater the level of education obtained by the Business Administration employee, the greater the chances of success in any industry.

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Obtaining the education for a successful career in Business Management has never been more convenient than it is today, with many colleges offering online degrees and more convenient evening and weekend classes for students. Colleges such as University of Phoenix, Ashford University, Warren National University provide online Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs to students who wish to pursue a career in Business Administration. These colleges provide the necessary skills for a successful Business Administration career offer courses that cover such issues as human resource challenges, financial document analysis, investment and portfolio analysis, critical thinking, risk management, technological innovation, and conflict management.

A career in Business Administration offers many challenges and responsibilities unique to each individual industry and specialization. The Marketing industry of Business Management offers a career as a Manager, Entrepreneur, Consultant, or Executive. Duties of a Marketing career include direction of marketing strategy and activity, staff coordination and management, market forecasting, direction of marketing campaigns, sales analysis, and market research. The Information Technology career of Business Administration consists of duties such as consultation, system analysis, and e-business management and development. Duties specific to a Business Administration career in Human Resources consist of policy and procedure development and implementation, orientation and training, hiring and termination, assessment and evaluation, resolution of employee conflict, facilitation of employee communication, and administration of wages and benefits. Lastly, duties of careers in the financial arena of Business Administration consist of portfolio and investment analysis, financial statement analysis, risk assessment and reduction, and credit intermediation, to name a few.

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The advantage of choosing a career and pursuing and education in Business Administration is that its disciplines are expected to consistently increase in demand, making it an increasingly popular career choice among students and employees.