General Engineering Degree The Profession of Engineering Attracts Clever, Practical Designers

The profession of engineering has come a long way since the original 1325 definition of an engineer in the Oxford English Dictionary as “a constructor of military engines.” Today the profession of engineering has grown into 17 specialized disciplines and is viewed as the field with the most trusted professionals in Canada. Graduates with a general engineering degree often add PE or P.Eng. to the end of their names, signifying their position as a Professional Engineer. Commonly seen as a profession of clever, practical designers, the field of general engineering has become an attractive choice for individuals pursuing a college degree.

What is General Engineering?

A professional in general engineering uses the principles of math and science to solve technical problems. For example, a professional with a general engineering degree may be involved in the design of: Computers. Helicopters. Toys. Robots used in manufacturing. Knowledge of general engineering is also required to build viable structures like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and used to determine the safest slope of an exit ramp from a highway.

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Top Disciplines in the Field of Engineering – Engineering Options

General engineering encompasses a vast field composed of 17 sub-disciplines. Included in the specialties are: Chemical engineering. Biomedical engineering. Aerospace engineering. Civil engineering. Mechanical engineering. Electrical engineering. Environmental engineering.

Engineers may further specialize by focusing on a specific industry or type of technology.

Required Education to Become an Engineer

Most entry-level positions in general engineering require at least a bachelor’s degree in general engineering or a related discipline. All 50 states also require licensure to offer direct services to the public. Supervisory and research positions in general engineering typically require an advanced general engineering degree, such as a master of science in general engineering or a PhD in general engineering.

Warren National University for Engineering Degrees

Many schools are now offering a sophisticated online general engineering degree program. Schools, such as Warren National University, allow enrollment in an online engineering course while maintaining work and family responsibilities from home. The program is especially tailored to mid-career professionals and leads to a bachelor degree in engineering entirely online. Online degree program engineering schools are also available to earn a graduate degree in general engineering and a doctorate degree in general engineering.

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Qualities for Success as an Engineer

Because general engineering degree holders typically interact with a variety of professionals, it is necessary for them to have good oral and written communication skills. They also must be able to work effectively in a group setting to successfully complete projects in the professional world. General engineering degree holders will be most successful if they are creative, inquisitive, analytical, and detail-oriented, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Job Outlook for Engineers: Environmental Engineering and Biomedical Engineering at the Top

General engineering jobs overall are expected to grow between 9 and 17% through the year 2018, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Each specialty within general engineering has a further specified outlook of its own. Some of the fastest-growing specialties are predicted to be environmental engineering and biomedical engineering. It will be important for professionals to enroll in continuing education in engineering online or through some other means in order to keep up with rapidly evolving technology and to maintain competitiveness in the job market.

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