Getting Started With a Career in Business

Perhaps thirty years ago, a liberal arts bachelor’s degree was enough to draw consideration for at least an entry-level position in the business world. Fifteen years ago, the same level of graduate work was required to move up the ladder to any significant degree. Today, many undergraduates begin their freshman year thinking ahead to a field of graduate study and select an undergraduate major to match anticipated graduate studies.

What will get you where you want to go? Is it a BS in Economics, with an MBA? Or is it perhaps a bachelor’s degree in international finance, with a law degree to top it off? Many ambitious young people, who are willing to spend the years and take out the loans, design their educations in just such a fashion. One of the best choices for a four-year degree is the bachelor’s degree in business administration.

This degree serves a number of purposes. It is an excellent door-opener for entry- level opportunities in the corporate world following graduation. It is a catch-all category that can fit you into project management, marketing, accounting and other business operations niches with equal ease. It is also a degree that provides the opportunity to focus on specialties within the corporate world.

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Westwood College offers two focal areas in its Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration program: Accounting and Marketing and Sales. Ashford University has a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management. Kaplan University offers a BS in Business Administration with a focus on Information Systems Management. You can emerge from your four-year period of study with a highly specialized bachelor’s degree in business administration which, to some human resources departments, will add up to a bachelor’s in business with additional educational experience enclosed.

It is also an excellent foundation for graduate study. The obvious choice is using a bachelor’s in business administration as a launching pad for an MBA. However many undergraduates are hearing from their counselors that a degree in business administration is also an excellent feeder for graduate work in international relations, international finance, and even law.

Many attorneys who choose not to join a law firm will opt for a role within a corporate structure. A general counsel to any corporation will need to understand the operational structure of their employer and the business world in general. The same is true of attorneys who join large firms that specialize in business law. Graduates emerging from law school face the same job hunting challenge that newly-minted college graduates face. For a corporate law firm, an attorney with an educational background in business is going to have instant value at the entry level.

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For those of us who are seeking a solid ticket into the professional world, a bachelor’s degree in business administration is an excellent choice. The curriculum will prepare you for a variety of roles at entry, or mid level. The credential itself will give you a boost for promotional consideration.