Getting Your Health Care Management Education

With the advent of the managed care system, health care management has become a profession and an academic discipline unto its own. Health care management is a category in higher education institutions. University of Phoenix Online offers ten degrees in health care management with different areas of focus, ranging from associate’s degrees to doctorates. Every college with a standard diversity of course options are going to have health care management included in their curriculum in some fashion.

The University of Phoenix lineup gives an excellent idea of the options that are available within this field of study. They offer bachelor’s degrees in health administration and a bachelor’s in business administration with a health care management specialty. They have a master’s degree in health administration and several master’s degrees in nursing with specialties that include health care education, integrative health care and health care management. University of Phoenix also offers a dual master’s in nursing and health administration, and a PhD in health administration.

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Clearly, health care management is a profession that has reached sufficient levels of sophistication so as to be broken into specialty components. There are also degrees available in health care information systems management. Nursing has become as much a management role as the traditional caregiver that is associated with the starched white hat. A healthcare management degree will provide employment opportunities in hospitals, outpatient clinics, hospice facilities, specialty rehabilitation and therapy clinics, home health care, and any number of positions in the insurance industry.

There is a core of business classes that are required for the major. These can be taken at a community college, or online. Once you have chosen a school where you will pursue the degree, it’s important to make sure that any preliminary credits you pursue elsewhere will qualify. If you are going to reach for the master’s degree, there are several options to be found there as well. Boston University lists a master’s in health administration, in health services administration and in public health. Florida International University offers a master’s in health services administration.

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Health care management has also, for better or worse, taken on a political cast as the insurance industry becomes more regulated. Medicare plays an enormous role in health care today and will continue to grow. The study of health care management will have to include a basic understanding of the statutory requirements at both the state and federal level regarding insurance requirements, and the developments in case law that impact the delivery of health services.

You can find educational resources for all of these issues, and you’ll want them as you work toward a degree in health care management. You can assemble your degree from an assortment of schools, if you wish. Community colleges have become the best bargain in higher education, especially when it comes to completing core courses. Online schools provide their services by the course, as well as by the degree. If you can’t find an online degree program that you like, settle for a degree from a nearby college and determine how many course credits you can bring with you, in order to minimize your tuition requirements.

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