Graduate Degrees – More Common in Online Education

The continuing demand for graduate degrees is growing, online schools are more appealing now that ever before to those returning to school.

Bert Valencia is the vice president of distance education programs at Thunderbird, the Garvin School of International Management.

Valencia said Thunderbird’s Global MBA program requires students only spend four weeks in a classroom.

“Students can be located anywhere, as long as they can communicate they can be a part of the class,” he said.

Graduate degrees obtained at online universities and colleges have become more attractive because they provide the same level of education that a traditional university would, but from the comfort of your choosing. This has also become attractive to those with full time jobs and parents.

To complete an online MBA education however, classes alone are not considered sufficient. Networking is also a big party of the MBA program.

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Networking is so critical to success, Thunderbird requires that MBA students spend the first few weeks at the Glendale campus. After eight monghts they will then get to travel to Genva for a week.

In addition, they may also spend a week in Beijing and a final week back at Thunderbird.

“If you have a job that requires travel, it is hard to pursue an MBA that doesn’t require you to be at a specific location,” Valencia said.

These programs improve the quality of the education by getting students enrolled that are established in their field.

Officials expect enrollment numbers to double in the next three years.

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