Health Administration Degree Join the Largest Industry in the U.S.

The most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed healthcare as the largest industry in the U.S. The healthcare industry employed over 13. million workers in 2017 and currently includes 8 of the 20 occupations that are expected to experience the fastest growth through the year 2018. Students wishing to pursue an associate of arts have plenty of reasons to consider choosing a program that leads to a health administration degree.

What is Health Administration?

The field of health administration is made up of health and human services workers. A health care management degree provides training in information technology, financial management, regulatory and ethical issues in the health care environment, and public policy. A health care administration degree also teaches the values and terminology associated with the health care industry. By the end of a health college program, graduates develop excellent communication skills and are equipped to work in a variety of occupations within the field of health and human services.

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Benefits of an Associate’s Degree

Most of the occupations within health care actually require less than a 4-year degree. Although some occupations may require more extensive training, attaining an administrative health care degree online, or through some other means, can boost a worker’s resume to the top of the application pile. In fact, many employers actually prefer to hire workers with an associate’s degree, according to a recent article in the Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Quarterly.

An associate of arts health administration degree can also enhance a student’s chances of being accepted into a health administration bachelor’s program. The U.S. Department of Labor found that a student with an associate’s degree is more likely to finish a bachelor’s degree program than a student who has merely taken a few college courses that did not lead to a degree. An administrative health care degree at the associate’s level prepares a student for lifelong learning and more effective academic competition.

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Job Outlook for Health and Human Services Workers

Predicted job growth for various occupations within the health and human services industry vary. However, the general occupation of health services manager is projected to experience a 26. % increase in job openings through the year 2018. The health care industry as a whole is expected to provide approximately 3. million new jobs to the U.S. economy between 2017 and 2018. High turnover in the health care industry and the aging of the U.S. population are driving forces behind the continued expansion of the field.

Many students are now choosing to enroll in online health care training through programs such as the Associate of Arts in Health Administration at the University of Phoenix. Many online health associate degree programs in health administration are designed specifically for the working professional who wishes to maintain a salary and benefits throughout the course of the online health degree training period. The Associate of Arts in Health Administration at the University of Phoenix also prepares students to streamline into the Bachelor of Science in Health Administration program. Students interested in more information may visit, the education and career resource website with an extensive list of available programs and additional educational resources.

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