Health Care Administration Careers

Health care administrators have become more important in recent years in light of managed health care. These individuals work in clinics, hospitals, extended health care facilities and doctor’s offices. Health care administrators are responsible for things such as accounting, nurse management, maintenance, human resources and finance management. Public health law and the practices of health insurance law are subjects that today’s health administrator would need to be well versed in. They would also need to be familiar with the current laws concerning Medicare and Medicaid, as the care for the elderly is a major health care issue.

There are bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees available in the industry of health administration. There are also numerous job opportunities in the health care field that only require certification that can be obtained through a few classes that focus on specific skills needed for the jobs.

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The University of Phoenix Online provides bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate programs in health administration. They also offer a double master’s program which combines that level of degree in both nursing and health administration. Warren National University also offers all three levels of health administration degrees. Capella University provides a master’s degree program in human services with a concentration in health administration.

CDI College offers the following health administration certification programs: Hospital Patient Registration Specialist, Medical Administrative Assistant, Medical Laboratory Assistant, Medical Office Administrator, Medical Office Assistant, Nursing Assistant and Pharmacy Technician.

The responsibilities of medical support staffs has evolved due to frequent changes that patients make in health care providers and insurance carriers. Between payment authorizations, and communication between primary providers and specialists, any health care related position like these will most likely have some administrative work.

Health care administration has also developed a branch in information technology. With electronic health records and medical imaging diagnostic tools, information technologists are needed more and more. Also, HIPAA statutes are in place, and since personal medical files are closer to becoming paperless, these technologists are responsible for providing safeguards to protect privacy. Many universities now offer bachelor’s degrees in health information technology for this reason.

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A staggering forty million Americans are without any type of health insurance, and this is why health administrators have an important role in the public health sector. These administrators need particular social skills so that they can effectively manage busy outpatient clinics.

Healthcare administrators are needed in the elder care and assisted living field as well. These facilities house a range of needs and varying levels of needed care. Human relation skills as well as good administrative skills are needed for positions in such a facility.