Health Care Degree Opportunities

The past twenty years have ushered dramatic changes in health care. Technological advancements have significantly increased the types of medical exams and treatments that are at the disposal of physicians. The development of managed health care has also altered traditional medical practices. For instance, the invention of numerous types of scanning equipment has changed the field of radiography. This new series of equipment calls for people who can operate them. As a result of new lab technology, there are a number of new specializations for lab technicians.

Because of the financial issues created by the power of the insurance industry, along with the persistent problem of insufficient nursing staffs, positions such as a nurse or a medical assistant have become absolutely essential. The job requirements of a medical assistant include a vast variety of tasks and responsibilities, depending on where the position is held. These responsibilities can range from being a helping hand to a doctor, or handling certain recorded activities with patients.

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All of these careers have some sort of degree program available. A position like nursing requires a great deal of study that not will necessarily earn a bachelor’s degree. Other jobs require a certain group of classes along with an exam and certification. The state department of health normally regulates the standards for positions that require certification. You can check with your state department of health about such a position to find out what the requirements are exactly.

There are a number of college degrees available in the health care field, including nursing, and a host of health care management or administration careers. Many online colleges provide three degree levels, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate, in the area of health administration. These include Warren National University, University of Phoenix, and Kaplan University, which also offers a program that enables registered nurses to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

The University of Phoenix Online offer a variety of specializations including health care education, integrative health care, and a nursing combined with a master’s in health administration (double major) and a master’s in nursing combined with an MBA which has a specialty in health care management (also a double major).

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There is a degree program provided by the Florida Metropolitan University for Assisted Living Administration. Due to our maturing population, assisted living has become a growing health care specialization. There is a number of assisted living facilities that need trained individuals. Florida Metropolitan University also has a bachelor’s degree program for health administration. Not all programs are offered online, but there are some health care degree programs offered on campus.

The health care industry is a rapidly growing field, and many people are choosing to go back to school to take advantage of this opportunity. It is a great choice for an initial career, or a career change.

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