Healthcare From General Electric

When you think about General Electric (GE), you probably think about electronics. So you may also be surprised to learn that GE has a $15 billion unit known as GE Healthcare that is the industry leader in improving and advancing health care technology. GE Healthcare has numerous services and products that enable health care providers to better diagnose and treat disease, helping patients live a fuller life. GE Healthcare’s expertise focuses on medical imaging technology, information technology, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, drug discovery, and biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, GE Healthcare employs over forty-three thousand employees in over one hundred countries. GE Healthcare’s objectives include Environment, Health and Safety, Innovation, Product Security, Quality, and Social Performance.

GE Healthcare’s Environment, Health and Safety vision includes complying with the laws and regulations that apply to it’s operations, providing safe work environments, applying GE Healthcare tools and programs wherever they do business, and minimizing use of toxic substances. GE Healthcare’s objective of quality has led to some of the most advanced healthcare technology improvements, including the internet portal known as Six Sigman – a data system that provides access to reference material and case studies geared toward the healthcare professionals. GE Healthcare’s Six Sigma program features a discussion forum for medical professionals, articles, newsletters, and free professional development resources. Since its beginning in 1997, experts have introduced Six Sigma to over fifteen-hundred healthcare facilities around the world, translating the methodology into the languages of the world. The Six Sigma program is responsible for several improvements in the health care industry including reducing medical malpractice and errors, employee shortages, ineffective managing techniques, and increased costs. GE Healthcare’s Six Sigma program provides a solid knowledge base as technology continues to make advances in the health care industry.

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The largest section of GE Healthcare is its Financial Services division. GE Healthcare’s Financial Services Division provides health care providers with financing for health care equipment and real estate, working capital, turnaround and bankruptcy, restructuring and recapitalization, and acquisition financing. GE Healthcare’s Working Capital solution provides cash flow loans that optimize the availability of current assets through Revolving Credit Facilities, Term Loans, and Securitization Facilities. Revolving Credit Facilities accelerate cash realization by leveraging existing cash flow and are usually secured by the company’s assets or enterprise value. Term Loans are usually secured by real estate or based upon cash flow, providing debt financing for a fixed period of time. Securitization facilities allow you to securitize assets such as loans and leases to reduce borrowing costs.

For individuals seeking to acquire new health care businesses, GE Healthcare provides Senior Secured Debt which helps you leverage your assets and cash flow to finance a certain amount of the purchase price. Additionally, GE Healthcare offers Subordinated Debt for companies that generate a large amount of cash flow but have liens on their assets.

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Today, health care financing has never been more needed, with most health care facilities deteriorating while being at their debt capacity. Meanwhile, GE Healthcare is seeking to meet the new by providing more than thirteen billion dollars to the health care industry.