How to Dominate at the Job Fair

Colleges, universities and employment agencies conduct job fairs on a regular basis. There’s no better place to network and secure the inside track to several jobs all at one time. But you have to know how to make a job fair work for you to avoid walking around for a couple of hours collecting pens and trinkets while handing out a few worthless resumes. Here’s how to dominate the job fair:

Know what Kind of Job You Want

How can you impress employers if you do not know what kind of job you want? Most job fair organizers will publish the list before hand. This gives you the chance to target specific employers and prepare to blow their socks off. How can you contribute to these organizations? What problems do they have that you can solve?

Have you Elevator Pitch Down

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. That means you have to confidently introduce yourself to potential employers. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Try it really quick. You have to introduce yourself while articulating your skills, accomplishments, and experiences as they relate to the employer standing in front of you.

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Know About the Company

Knowing about the company shows them you are interested in them, and not just in getting a job. Study their website and know about the organization’s mission statement, recent projects, and accolades.

Ask smart questions

Asking intelligent questions shows that you have done your homework. Ask questions that show you know something about the company. This will show the recruiter that you have done your homework. They are looking for people who stand out from the crowd and go above and beyond. This is how you do that.

Know About the Recruiter

If you can find out who the recruiter is try and look him or her up on LinkedIn or Facebook to get a little about their background. This can help you with some
conversation starters. Be careful to not make it creepy though.

Look the Part

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If you’re not wearing professional business attire you can forget about making a good impression. You have to look the part.
Follow up

Many people forget this critical step. Now that you’ve made some great contacts you have to follow up with them in an email. Your email should state some things that caught your attention about the company and the job and how you would be a great fit.