How to Find a Quality Online Computer Science School

For the purposes of this article, we are going to define computer science as the sum of a variety of parts: computer programming, computer design, systems design, networking, software development, computer and software engineering and, because it’s sometimes used as a course description, computer science. If you are interested in learning about any of these career opportunities or about any related fields, you have a world of options to explore online.

You can seek entry level opportunities through relatively short courses of study that lead to certification for various technical specialties. Everest College is an institution with nine campuses and a vigorous online program. Their specialty is job certification and they have a number of courses related to computer science. Their offerings include advanced microcomputer applications, automated office technology, computer information systems, and microcomputer operations specialist.

American Intercontinental University offers an online bachelor’s in information technology as well as an IT master’s program. Warren National University has a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral program in computer science, a bachelor’s in software engineering a bachelor’s in e-business and commerce, and all three higher education degrees in management information systems.

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Colorado Technical University has an excellent online school of information technology. All of their degree programs include professional certificates that are earned incrementally as you move along. These degrees include:

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (BSSE) – Concentrations in:

  • Software Systems Engineering
  • Security Network Management

Bachelor of Science Business Administration (BSBA) – Concentration in:

  • Information Technology

Master of Science in Management (MSM) – Concentrations in:

  • Information Systems Security
  • Information Technology Management

Kaplan University has a department of information technology with six each of associate’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees that include these areas of specialization: databases, web development, programming, networking, wireless networking, and multimedia and animation. Kaplan can also provide the certification classes for information technology pathway, introduction to computer programming languages, and internet development.

University of Phoenix Online has a rich information technology program intermingled with their business degrees. Of particular interest is their MBA in technology management. Their degree opportunities include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Business/e-Business
  • Bachelor of Science in Business/Information Systems
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology/Visual Communication
  • Master of Business Administration/Technology Management
  • Master of Information Systems Master of Information Systems/Management
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Capella University has an online series of master’s degrees in information technology. Their programs are designed for professionals interested in advancing their careers through additional education. Capella has built relationships with leading corporations for this purpose. Johnson & Johnson, Xerox and Farmers Insurance are among the 120 American corporations that recommend Capella to employees who are seeking educational advancement. Their master’s series includes these areas of concentration:

  • Master’s in Science (MS) in:
  • Information Technology
  • General Information Security
  • Network Architecture and Design
  • Project Management and Leadership
  • System Design and Programming

These are all accredited institutions with experience, successful alumni, and carefully thought- out curricula, and are just a sampling of that available in distance learning for the aspiring computer scientist.

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