How to find the Perfect Part Time Job

Many college students want to work while still going to school. That typically means finding a part time job. Working a part time job means you can still pay the bills while getting an education. So if you’re interested in knowing how to land the perfect part time gig – read on.

1. Figure out your schedule

How can you know what kind of part time job to look for if you are not sure about your availability? You need to know this for yourself and also be able to articulate it to a potential employer.

2. Figure out how much money you need to make

You also need to figure out much money you need to earn so you know what type of part time gig you need to look for. Not all part time jobs are minimum wage, in fact, some can be pretty lucrative – even without a college degree in hand. Just make sure you write down your schedule and take it with you when you start your job search.

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3. Look on the job boards

You would be surprised at how many part time jobs are available on the major job search engines like Indeed and Monster. Some employers have a tough time filling part time jobs because most people are looking for full time employment. Looking on the job boards can save you a lot of time and effort. Take advantage of the internet!

4. Pound the pavement

Good old fashioned hand-shaking never hurt. In fact, it can help you find a great part time job. Ask your friends and family. Also go to the organizations you would be interested in working for and tell them you are looking for part time work. Many companies do not openly advertise their part time positions.

5. Use your school’s career office

You might be able to find a part time paid internship. Now that is the perfect part time job! How does having a part time job that works around your school schedule and gives you relevant experience sound? That’s an internship in a nutshell. Your school’s career office can help you land a part time job quickly and easily. They are professionals who are there to help you.

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6. Think outside of retail and restaurants

Yes, these are the traditional part-time jobs, but times are changing. Many part time jobs can be done from home (think virtual assistant or customer service). These jobs can be found via sites like Odesk and Elance.