Research Paper – Tips for Writing a Great Research

A research paper refers to a range of academic works, including dissertations, term papers, and theses. A research paper should be written on a particular topic and is always based on the author’s self-conducted research. Research papers often contribute a lot to a student’s grade, which is why many students are actually intimidated by this challenge. However, with the right set of knowledge and skills, as well as the right attitude, you will ace your research paper from the first try!

When you are writing a research paper, it’s important to use every source that is available to you. Instead of simply going to the library and finding one or two books on the required topic, you should also look for magazines and newspapers, government publications, encyclopedias, and any other relevant source you can locate.

Plus, you shouldn’t ignore the power of the internet when it comes to conducting research. There may be hundreds of thousands of search results for your topic, but you should pay extra attention to the authenticity and reliability of the source.

Another essential step of the research paper writing process is developing a thesis statement. The thesis statement will serve as the foundation of your entire paper and you will come back to it more than once. That is why a thesis statement needs to be clear, strong, and concise.

What are the Steps in Writing a Research Paper?

While choosing a topic for your research paper is important, it’s only the first step in the complex writing process. Here are all 7 steps of the typical research paper writing procedure:

  1. Choose your topic.
  2. Formulate a thesis to build your work around.
  3. Gather all relevant sources and make notes as you study them.
  4. Prepare an outline for your research paper.
  5. Organize your notes according to the outline.
  6. Write the research paper using your notes and the outline.
  7. Proofread the paper and make sure you have achieved the desired effect.

College Research Paper Examples

Samples are always useful. Such texts allow the writer to make sure he does the right job. That is why students may find numerous samples on the internet according to their topics.

After you review several examination papers, you will make sure that in general, all papers have the same structure and approaches in writing. But all power of the text is in facts and personal thoughts. Every paper must contain unique information, arguments, and conclusion. In such a way the result of the job will be the high mark.

College Research Paper Outline

The first step in writing papers is to pick up an interesting topic. After you make sure that the topic of your research paper really deserves attention then decide what statements and facts you should add to the discussing. It is important to use the optimal amount of details that will provide the general foundation for any research outline.

So here are the main parts of research papers:

– Introduction. This part must contain the main thesis statements of the research. Don’t forget to explain basic approaches you used in your research paper. In general, the introduction usually contains major points of the problem and encourage them to read the paper with interest.

– Body. This is the main part where a student must explain his thesis and prove them with arguments. Experts in writing papers advice to use the ‘Rule of 3’, that requires at least 3 arguments for every statement. The author uses good argument at first, then add one stronger and finish with the strongest one. In such a way there would be no doubts about your paper quality.

3. Conclusion. One of the most important students’ skills is an opportunity to make a summary. This part will contain the short thesis of all paper and final conclusion

College Research Paper Topics

A research paper is a serious task for any student. The topic depends on the subject you are studying. Among the best ideas for such paper are listed above themes.

1. If you are a student of technology department choose something like that:

– How to provide the best cybersecurity on the internet.

– The way Steve Jobs had changed the world

– The best NASA technologies to explore Mars.

2. Students of legal issues may be interested in the following:

– Is it legal to provide death penalty?

– Legalization of marijuana: pros and cons.

3. If your field is business may attention to the next topics:

– The analyzes of minimum wages in the world.

– The most effective tips in time management.

– How to create startup if you have no business idea.

So choose only good research topics and create only amazing papers. And if you couldn’t do it then ask for help. We are sure together we can solve any task!


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