Human Resource Management Training

You thrive on human interaction and most people think that you are a people’s person. You like meeting with different individuals, understanding what makes them tick and you want everyone to reach their optimum potential. You’re most often the bridge between the top managers and their subordinates and solving a critical scenario gives you a high. If you have answered ‘Yes’ to most of these questions then a career in Human resources is probably your calling. This department allows you to deal exclusively with people from across the organization and through your work help capitalize human potential for the success of any organization.

Human Resource Management is the function within an organization that focuses on recruitment of, management of, and providing direction to the employees and it is your job as an HR professional to bring people and the organization together. In order to do this you would be actively engaged in employee relations which deals with motivating employees and to ensure their well being by addressing their concerns. You could also be involved in end to end recruitments so that you can align the correct manpower resource to the manpower need in the organization and this would entail conducting interviews and conducting joining formalities. As an HR generalist you will be involved in the entire gamut of HR functions such as compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, administration, and training. Alternatively one can become an HR Specialists and operate in specific areas of the HR profession that require a specific skill and knowledge set and will generally concentrate on these areas full time, the key examples of which are: Training & Development Compensation & Benefits and Recruitment

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The personality traits of those in Human resources is unique and most need to have the ability to handle a crisis in a smooth, discreet manner and, be a good judge of character.

Human Resource Management

Although a college education is a pre-requisite, a degree in Human Resources is not essential but beneficial, however someone who has majored in Business Administration, Psychology, Labor Relations and Personnel Administration, as well as degrees in Social and Behavioral Sciences, is suitable for this role.

Effective communication skills is the most important requirement from an HR professional and the ability to communicate through words, either verbal or written and actions can benefit or harm the organization. Natural empathy helps deal with many official matters and lack of such traits by the HR department has had many organizations being sued for wrongful HR practices. Therefore, the Human Resource Department is the backbone of any organization.

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As they say practical training cannot compensate for all the theoretical knowledge and as an Human resource professional gaining experience at the entry level, through internship programs helps you gain first hand information and expertise of this field. Most Community colleges and university extension programs give credits and certify the completion of the Human Resources Training program.

Therefore if you have a natural empathy for people, are a great communicator and love people then embark on a great Human Resources career by taking the right steps in that direction.

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