Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

The Canadian national government has within its structure a department called Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. This department is the national effort to deal with employment issues such as job placement, training programs, workplace issues such as employee safety and all of the financial support services available to the unemployed and disabled. The department maintains regional offices in all of the provinces; their national website provides regional contact information at

The national website also has an interesting approach to providing direction to its visitors by subdividing its services into “audiences.” You can sort through available services according to these categories:

  • Aboriginal Peoples Children
  • Employers and Entrepreneurs
  • Media
  • Non-Canadians and Migrants
  • Parents and Caregivers
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • Researchers
  • Seniors
  • Students and Youth
  • Survivors
  • Workers (employed & unemployed)

Or, you can search the website and the department’s services based on the type of situation that is confronting you and for which you need help. These options include:

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Birth and Adoption Dealing with death Di sability Education and Returning to school Lost Documents Reti rement Returning to work Un employment

This website provides human resource development information by region as well. You can select a province and area to submit inquiries about the local labor market that provides an annual perspective, community information and labor market bulletins. These local profiles provide a remarkably thorough description of labor market trends, local industries, populations and so forth. You can learn about local labor markets at

Their job bank page also includes information about a number of government funded employment opportunities for youth, disabled persons, and apprenticeship and intern opportunities. Their Job Creation Partnership is a public-private venture wherein individuals that are receiving unemployment benefits or have recently exhausted them may apply for a position in the program. They are then placed in a short-term job in the sponsor’s workplace that will augment their income and give them recent work experience to include on their resume. It’s an interesting program designed to ease unemployed Canadians back into the job market.

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Canada also has a number of grants and loans programs for individuals who want to return to school in order to develop a career or upgrade their current level of qualification. Those programs are explained at

One of the best choices for job training certification courses in the country is CDI College. They have a school of business, a school of technology and a school of health care. They have thirty two campuses in seven provinces that provide a vast array of training programs in their three schools.

You can study for all sorts of medical assistance programs, technology courses in networking or programming; and accounting and paralegal programs through the business school. CDI provides short term, concentrated courses of study that lead to certification in various fields of expertise and will make you a marketable employee with state of the art skills. It’s a great start for your own human resource development in Canada.

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