Improve Your Life and the World With a Master’s Degree In Criminal Justice

The criminal justice system grows increasingly complex and challenging each year. It includes penal law, social control, constitutional law, criminal procedure and evidence, criminology, victimology, policing, courts, corrections and community services, as well as politics. With the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, the field of Criminal Justice has expanded at a rapid rate.

If you are currently employed in this field, you can take your place as a leader by earning a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice. You can broaden your professional knowledge and competencies in criminal justice research, theory, administration and practice. Because this degree can be earned at your own pace, in your own home and on your own time, you need not worry about leaving your current employment or moving your family.

There are several options available online for you to investigate in the pursuit of your goal. An example is the Master of Arts in Criminal Justice at Umass Online. This degree will assist you in developing the professional skills necessary to assume a position of importance in the field. Umass has been named one of the best schools in the country, and its criminal justice program was established in 1984. Standard classes such as Criminology and Research Methods are offered, along with cutting edge classes like Crime Mapping, Domestic Violence and Terrorism.

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Three areas of emphasis are offered in the Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree from the University of Wisconsin, Platteville. The first is criminal justice theory emphasis, appropriate for continuing education in a PhD program, teaching at the college level, or a career in government research. The criminal justice management emphasis is tailored for those seeking promotion into administrative positions. The last emphasis is the victim and offender service program for those interested in working with crime victims, juveniles, probation and parole clients.

The University of Massachusetts Lowell offers a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice, and has been named one of the best in the country. This degree serves four types of students:

  1. Those seeking a master’s degree as a prerequisite for entry into the criminal justice field.
  2. Individuals currently in service who wish to broaden skills and expertise.
  3. Those in the criminal justice system seeking to specialize within the system.
  4. Candidates wishing to obtain the training necessary to meet the growing need for teaching criminal justice.
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The U. S. Department of Labor has predicted that by 2017 there will be more than a 29% increase in the demand for FBI Agents, Police Officers, Private Detectives, and U.S. Customs Agents. Most of the best jobs in criminal justice require an advanced Criminal Justice Degree. To take your place among this elite group of law enforcement professionals, get online and get started. You can make your world and the world around you a better place.