Information Technology in Education

What better way to thrust oneself into the global economy than to participate at the educational level of information technology? You’ll be called upon to not only consider what has been done in the past, but to move forward into the future – to anticipate and create today what will be new tomorrow in a constantly changing and challenging field.

No longer can education afford to be part of an old guard mentality. Education, like any other type of business, must scurry to keep up with the ever changing demands of technology in addition to the ever changing demands of the educational world. Education must present itself as cutting edge in order to draw and keep its “client base” – the student. It is a trend playing out across the entire educational spectrum due to the onslaught of foreign competition, and the changing marketplace of our industries and the economic demands of the entire economy.

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Information Technology education is a vast and expanding field that can take off in any number of unexpected directions, for it still is essentially in it’s infancy. However many precedents the educational environment can cite, one can expect volumes more to follow. The field is so new in many ways, new being a very relative term, that unless one is currently involved on a day-to-day basis, it would be hard to surmise where this path might lead.

Today’s industry giants are sometimes tomorrow’s industry has-beens. Regardless, Information Technology’s playing field is expansive and rigorous, and full of opportunities. Yes, the competition is stiff; but, the pay-offs for those with tenacity and who use their inventive minds potentially unlimited. However demanding the field, one cannot help but find the challenge invigorating, the possibilities exponentially impressive, and the rewards more than gratifying.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to be given the opportunity to work with some of the best minds in the country; to explore unchartered territory; to devise new and unique systems for specific and worthwhile causes; and to push oneself to the maximum of one’s creative ability? Who wouldn’t want to be given the opportunity to create the Next Big Thing? Because this field is relatively in it’s infancy, it mitigates the risk of devoting one’s self to something others might perceive as being too generalized, too limited. On a very positive note: it’s not a story necessarily filled with David and Goliath characters as in some businesses; it’s simply an opportunity to explore the world at large in a very specific manner and to allow one’s self to process one’s passions for the good of often very legitimate and worthwhile educational institutions. Yet, at the same time, this field is so much a part of the popular lexicon, it is so much a part of the rags- to-riches stories our country is based on, that one can’t help but sense the potential for great opportunities. With prospects like that, how could one possibly not quench one’s enthusiasm?

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