International Business Associate Working Professionals Find Free Time for School

Lack of time is one of the common reasons professionals avoid returning to school. But with proper time management skills, earning an international business associate degree is entirely possible.

Does the Average Adult have Time for an International Business Associate Degree?

Living and working can eat up a lot of time. There are 168 hours in one week. Of that time, an average adult needs . . . 56 hours to sleep. 50 hours to work (including commute time). 21 hours to do daily chores and eat.

After crunching the numbers, the average adult has 41 hours of free time leftover every week. That amounts to 5 hours and 51 minutes every day!

Reclaim Free Time and Devote Some to Studying for an International Business Associate Degree

Despite what the numbers say, the average adult does not typically claim 5 hours and 51 minutes of free time every day. Unfortunately, distractions and procrastination can get in the way of having enough time for an international business associate degree. Discovering where time is being wasted is the first step towards reclaiming that time.

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3 simple changes can help prospective international business associate students rediscover their time:

Use a Day Planner

Keeping a schedule with defined tasks can help remind students of their daily priorities.

Learn to Multitask

Learn to make use of down-time. For example, bring study materials to dentist appointments and other typical places that involve waiting.

Stay Healthy

Use part of daily free time to get adequate sleep, exercise, and prepare healthy meals. Having more energy results in higher productivity in less time.

Maximize Time by Enrolling in a Flexible Online International Business Associate Program

Finally, choosing to enroll in an online international business associate degree can add needed flexibility to a work and study schedule. To learn more about the Associate of Arts in Business program at the Online, fill out this information request form.

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