Is a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice For You

With criminal justice becoming one of the fastest growing career choices and the recent threat of national and international terrorism continuing to spread, many students are choosing to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Not only are more and more students choosing Bachelor’s degrees, but they are choosing to pursue their Criminal Justice Degrees online. With this demand, more and more colleges and universities are offering online Bachelor’s degree programs with majors in Criminal Justice online.

Students now have the ability to obtain a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice in an online program from the comfort of their own home and according to their schedule. With the Internet being accessible to almost every student, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice online is fast replacing Distance Learning Programs by mail in which course material is sent through the postal system. These Bachelor’s degrees in Criminal Justice programs online are becoming recognized as just as valid and legitimate as the traditional classroom-setting Bachelor’s degree programs.

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A Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice online program offers students the opportunity to major in several different areas. For students that have obtained a prior certification or degree in Criminal justice, the Bachelor’s degree online program will further the students basic knowledge of the criminal justice system and the processes involved. Majors for Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice degrees online include Crime Scene Investigation, Paralegal Studies, and Legal Services and Court Processes, to name a few. A Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice degree online program prepares students for several options in the Criminal Justice field. Graduates will be directly involved in the Criminal Justice system through careers including Law Enforcement, prosecution and defense, incarceration and rehabilitation, assessment and supervision of criminals, social work and social services, Corporate Law and security, Homeland Security, investigations, juvenile justice facilities, and parole services.

Colorado Technical University offers a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice/Crime Scene Investigation degree online program in which student learn to document, process, and preserve physical crime scene evidence. Some Bachelor’s of Criminal Justice degree online programs require the Crime Scene Investigation student to earn credits in science subjects such as biology, chemistry, and forensic science. Students who wish to pursue a Bachelor’s in Crime Scene Investigation must posses the ability to remain calm and emotionally stable since the processing of crime scenes can be graphic and disturbing. Colorado Technical University also offers a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice online degree program with a major in Legal Studies and Court Processes in which students are prepared for work in a law office and courtroom setting. Additionally, the University of Phoenix also offers Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice online degree programs where courses cover policing, criminal law, corrections, and crime and justice in the American society. The University of Phoenix Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice online degree program also prepares students with management abilities including courses in business management, conflict resolution, and negotiation. Several colleges and universities offer accelerated studies for Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice degree online programs that can be completed by the working individual in just one to two years for students possessing an Associates degree, and in just three to four years for new students.

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