Learning Financial Planning From Online Colleges and It’s Contribution to Your Net Worth

For those seeking to becoming financial planners a degree in financial planning is mandatory. Online colleges help prepare students to do professional work in Investment companies, Bank, insurance companies, etc without the constraints of all campus attendance, commuting, and deadline pressures. These programs are designed on the guidelines from the coursework designed by the Board of Certified Financial Planner (CFP). CFP is the parent body which sets the standards of all courses in the field of financial planning.

Financial planners are highly demanded by companies and firms where these planners make decisions about restructuring debts, investing money, estate planning, and saving for retirement. Therefore a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certificate enhances the prospects of a financial consultant and is also a state requirement in most parts of the country.

Following is the list of a few programs:

Boston University (BU)’s online certificate course is one of the longest running courses in the distance learning category.

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The new Boston University Online Program is a multimedia, interactive educational experience with inputs from industry experts. This web-based program is designed to encompass the practical aspect of the job while imparting theory. The program focus is the six areas of financial expertise as recommended by the CFA board and at the completion of the six pre-requisite courses the student received his certification

The Great Plains Distance Education Alliance

Great Plains IDEA) is a consortium of seven universities offering fully online graduate programs, with each university bringing its unique academic programs. This Institute offers both master’s degree and graduate certificate in financial planning. The cost per credit course is affordable at $395.

Iowa State University

The Masters of Family Consumer Sciences Specialization in Family Financial Planning is a structured 42-credit degree offered over the web while the Family Financial Planning (FFP) Graduate Certificate is an 18-credit subset.

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Kansas State University

This course is of 14 months duration at the completion of which a certificate family financial planning is awarded. The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs in family studies and human services with a specialization in family financial planning. The other institutions which are a part of the conglomerate and offer a degree in family financial planning are the Montana State University North Dakota State University South Dakota State University Oklahoma State University of Nebraska

University of California offers a certificate of personal financial planning through distance learning. The certificates are awarded at the end of 8-10 courses with both UCI and UCLA providing this program.

Several private Institutions also offer distance learning certificate programs as well as degree programs in financial planning. While the fee for the CFP certificate program is approximately $250 the Masters program costs $810 per course. There are a few privately held institutes which have the recommendation of the CFP Board of Standards and include:

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Golden Gate University Undergraduate and graduate certificates in financial planning entails the completion of six classes. The fee for Undergraduates course is$1350 per 3-unit course while that of the Graduate course is $1860 per 3-unit course.

Kaplan University offers certificate courses in Financial Planning.

Thus these online colleges help increase your career prospects by certifying you as a Financial planner.