Lets Thank IT For Our Health Care Advances

Considering a change in your education or your career? Pursuing Information Technology in the field of Health Care could be a viable option for you. With the ever-changing and rapidly advancing nature of technology, the Information Technology field is growing quickly, with Health Care being one of the most in demand sectors. What do prospective students and employees need to become involved in the fast-paced and growing Information Technology in Health Care field? The resources for prospective students and the career options for graduates are numerous in the Information Technology sector of Health Care.

Information Technology in Health Care involves much the same concept as Information Technology in all other business arenas – that is, the technological aspects of managing and processing information and the methods involved to convert, store, protect, and transmit information. Recently, the head of Health and Human Services presented a ten-year plan to introduce a new health-care infrastructure made possible by Information Technology. Simultaneously, the Summit on Health Information Technology presented a plan to achieve a nationwide system of online electronic health records. The Committee on the Quality of Health Care in America was asked to further identify strategies for improving the quality of health care in America, and Information Technology in Health Care was at the top of the list. The Agency for Health Care Research and Quality, in turn, funded the first Information Technology in Health Care project, and has since continued, awarding more than $250 million dollars to the cause.

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Information Technology in Health Care has greatly improved the effectiveness and quality of Health Care in the United States. Congress continues to award funding to the field to support several goals of the Information Technology in Health Care industries. These goals includes development and application of IT components and products that apply clinical research networks, develop private sector certification, create an Internet portal to access Medicare information, accelerate e-prescriptions, development of a homogeneous scheduling application, bring information technology tools directly to the point of health care, achieve a system of 24hour online medical consultants, and interconnect clinicians to provide access to medical records. Since the introduction of Information Technology in Health Care, projects have reduced medical error, improved patient safety, and enhanced the overall accuracy and effectiveness of Health Care in America. How does one become involved in such a fast-improving industry?

Health Care Advances

Individuals wishing to pursue an education in the Information Technology sector of health care may wish to consider the following colleges and universities. The University of Phoenix, Capella University, Kennedy-Western University, American Intercontinental University (AIU), and the Colorado Technical University all offer programs at the certification, Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and even Doctorate levels in the Information Technology field. These colleges and universities all offer online studies that students can complete from the comfort of their own home and according to their schedule. If you have been considering a career in the Information Technology in Health Care industry, now is the time!

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