LPN RN Online Program Combine Business and Nursing for Advanced Career Opportunities

In 2017, the health care industry provided 13. million jobs. Registered nurses constitute the largest of all health care occupations and totaled 2. million in 2017. With the aging of the U.S. population and the expanding need for patient care, registered nurses are increasingly called upon to perform a more complex role within the health care environment. Because of their professional knowledge, some registered nurses are even moving into business positions within health care by earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing through an LPN RN online program.

Business Opportunities in the Field of Nursing

In an attempt to contain costs, hospital care is used less and less, and alternative treatment settings are used more often. Consequently, registered nurses have the opportunity to move into management positions in ambulatory care and home-based care in addition to typical acute care facilities. Registered nurses are also attending an LPN RN online program to combine business and professional knowledge in activities such as marketing, consulting, policy development, and quality assurance. An LPN RN online program can provide training to perform these business functions within managed care organizations, hospitals, and other health care businesses.

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Required Education to Work in Business as a Registered Nurse

Positions beyond the title of staff nurse typically require at least a bachelor’s degree in nursing along with the appropriate work experience. Registered nurses who already possess a hospital diploma or an associate’s degree may transfer from RN to BSN through an LPN RN online program. For example, the University of Phoenix offers an online nursing program called the Bachelor of Science in Nursing that can be completed entirely online and can train registered nurses for more advanced positions. Kaplan University also has an online nursing degree that allows students to focus in areas of interest within the field of nursing. Thanks to advanced technology, more online nursing schools are able to offer an LPN RN online program at the bachelor’s level.

Qualities Necessary for Success in Business as a Registered Nurse

Advanced positions within the field of nursing require the communication, leadership, and critical thinking skills that a bachelor of science in nursing offers. Business knowledge in the area of interest is another essential tool for success. Business skills can be acquired either on the job or through advanced education opportunities. Appropriate work experience as a registered nurse within the health care industry helps professionals gain a realistic perspective of the field before moving onto advanced positions.

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