Managers and Management Training Through Example

Many organizations spend a lot on management training. They send their employees on business trips, conduct seminars or them, teach them team building and conduct workshops on every aspect of management. After the training these newly trained managers are ready and all geared up to conquer the corporate world. These trained and motivated managers lead their team and become responsible for the growth and achievements of their organization.

These new managers grow to become on of the two kinds of leaders. The American corporate world is run by two kinds of managers who are at opposites of each other. They then guide, train and instruct people around them to either behave like them or impel them to behave exactly the opposite.

The Soft Manager

This category is of the nice managers. The president of the organization who always sends a thank you not after a job well accomplished. The supervisor who identifies his juniors by their first names. And also always remembers their birthdays too. These are the kind of people who you feel nice to meet and exchange pleasantries with. You stop by their office every morning to wish a pleasant hello.

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This kind of management training is provided to the employees through example and a constructive temperament. It is no longer required to have “efficiency days” and take away precious lunch hours to gaze at old-fashioned informational movies on the policies of the organization. His kinds of manager motivate their juniors to work hard without compelling or harassing them. When you are with pleasant person, you want the thing to remain pleasant for all times. Employees do not generally undermine the “nice soft boss”. As they very well know that the “I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine” set-up is an ideal and satisfying environment and is very helpful when you have to spend 40 hours each week.

Managers and Management Training

A soft manager is not only soft, he is also conscious of his surrounding and his responsibilities. These managers are usually very learned individuals with very high professional degreesand even PhD’s. They are fair but not naive, experienced but not unsentimental. They happen to follow the philosophy that each day is a great learning experience and one is never too old to learn. This stance is very contagious. These managers take their organizations to the apex. They are great ideals for their employees who look up to them and try to become like them.

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The Hard Taskmaster

You come across this kind of managers too often. They are smooth but so corrupting that you feel that you have changed a lot since you have started working for him. They interview very well and take hold of the situation very brusquely. They make their employees work very hard and yet they stay cool and calm. These kinds of managers are friendly but suspicious in the presence of an outside authority or an associate.

These types of managers also give management training by example. Individuals who have worked under him then lead and direct as they have been lead in the past. Some of them, due to the difficulties that they have faced when they worked under a hard taskmaster, learn to behave in a way that is completely opposite to the one they have gone through.

In the present world, both kinds of managers are required. At some places, the difficult one are needed to drive the employees to success, while a number of others need the soft and understanding ones, gently encouraging the employees to success. Both are of immense value. What you need to know is under whom you would like to work. And more so which of the above ones you would like to become.

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