Masters of Education Degree in Instructional Technology The Backbone of Innovation in Education

Thirty entrepreneurial companies, all members of the Northwest Education Cluster, feel that technology is the tool to fix the education system in the U.S. Many educators are now going back to school to obtain a Masters of Education Degree in Instructional Technology, a decision based on the advancements of new technology.

Instructional Technology Innovations

The Northwest Education Cluster has already introduced new and exciting technologies. One company has developed a program that instantly analysis and generates graphs. This allows students to focus less on drawing graphs and more on the experiment they are conducting. Another company has created software to aid students in languages, math, social studies and science. What’s even more exciting is a program being developed to allow students to work with geometry and math equations interactively.

These new software technologies have been sold to educators and schools all throughout the nation. Those who graduate with a degree in Masters of Education in Instructional Technology are excited to see the how well these new products perform. Both students and teachers will gain much from the lessons learned with these new technologies. Computers could act as teaching aids to help educators develop lesson plans that complement each student’s learning style.

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Going Beyond Educators – Supporting Instructional Technology

Both investors and the Government support new technology in education. The National Science Foundations has given grants to some members of the Northwest Education Cluster. Even venture capitalists are enthusiastic about the future of these technologies and bombarding company board meetings look for the next great product.

Earning a Masters Degree – Education in Instructional Technology

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