Me Versus the Bachelor Degree In Business

Liberal arts majors and business majors are like oil and vinegar. They don’t exactly blend well together, but for some reason when you combine the two they are absolutely fantastic.

I learned this my final year of college when I moved into the sorority house and instantly bonded with my business major roommate, Jenny. I was an English major and the two of us were intermingled with several other girls with varying interests and educational pursuits. But for some reason, while Jenny and I were the most different, we ended up becoming almost the same.

I was messy and artistic, Jenny was organized and, I hate to admit it, a little sterile. She liked things where she liked them and anything out of place was sure to trigger a conniption. She instantly made our bills into an Excel spreadsheet and wrote out “invoices” each month to each housemate for their share of the gas, water, and…frozen waffles? Down to our grocery shopping, she inventoried everything and left me awestruck and wondering, “Who does things like that?!”

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Apparently a lot of people as I met many business majors during my college years. And for some uncanny reason, they were always the ones that I hit it off with the most. My quirkiness meshed together with their straight man personality. My creativity was enhanced by their organization, and while it seems as if our worlds would collide, they seldom did.

There were a few times that we butted heads, when my dance team crashed the house and we kept the karaoke machine on a little too loud a little too late. Jenny would throw herself into a tirade about her 8 am accounting final and couldn’t we PLEASE just keep it down a bit? (Answer: no, but we will pretend to try.) And there were times I left the half eaten bowl of macaroni on the stove top and Jenny found it before I remembered I had left it there. (Truth: it was usually about three days later.) But all in all, we became the best of friends. My carefree outlook softened her anal retentive views toward college and life. Her orderly conduct encouraged me to be more responsible with money and especially with sleep. I started to value going to class more, and learned that there was more to get out of college than just the degree. The funny thing is that in a different way, I taught her that as well.

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I learned from rooming with “Miss BA in Business” that sometimes the people the most unlike us are the ones that we are destined to enjoy and cherish the most in life. I’ve done my best to keep in contact with Jenny, and though I rarely see her, I’m grateful for the communication and correspondence we do have.

Jenny continues to go down the straight and narrow path. She’s made some great achievements and built a solid resume. I seem to remain all over the map. I run a dance company, work as a freelance writer, and travel the world every chance I get. While she loved her accounting firm internship, I loved my trip to Africa. We enhance each others’ lives more than I experience with my friends who are a lot like me. Cookie cutters are not always a positive thing. A flair for the variety is often the more successful of pairings.

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