Mechanical Engineering Degree Online A Flexible Degree in the Field of Engineering

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, students entering the work force with an undergraduate mechanical engineering degree earn starting salaries well above holders of bachelor’s degrees in other professions. With over 17 specialties to choose from, a mechanical engineering technology degree may be the perfect option for the inquisitive, analytical, detail- oriented student.

What is Mechanical Engineering?

The discipline of mechanical engineering applies the principles of physics to the designing and creation of mechanical systems. One of the broadest of the engineering specialties, mechanical engineering is responsible for the construction of everything from individual motors to entire power plants. A professional with a mechanical engineering degree is involved in the process of producing tools, machinery, and engines at the research, development, design, manufacturing, and testing phases.

Potential Career Paths with a Mechanical Engineering Degree

A professional who has earned a mechanical engineering degree online (or through any other means) may be employed in manufacturing, agriculture, maintenance, or technical sales. Some professionals with a mechanical engineering degree may also become administrators or managers of productions operations in various industries. Projects with which mechanical engineering degree graduates may be involved include electric generators, escalators and elevators, refrigerators and air-conditioning, and robots used in manufacturing.

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Required Education to Practice Mechanical Engineering

All 50 states require a license to practice mechanical engineering. Typically, a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering is required to meet the standards for licensure. Some students are choosing to earn a mechanical engineering BS degree online through schools such as Kennedy-Western University. Kennedy-Western University’s online Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering focuses on both thermal sciences and machine design, giving graduates exposure to the entire field of mechanical engineering before deciding on a specialty within the discipline.

Job Outlook for Mechanical Engineering Degree Holders

Professionals who earn a mechanical engineering degree can expect to see jobs grow between 9 and 17% through the year 2018. The demand for mechanical engineering degree graduates in manufacturing industries should increase because of the desire for better, more efficient machinery. Biotechnology, materials science, and nanotechnology should also create new job opportunities for professionals with a mechanical engineering degree.

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Qualities Necessary for Success with a Mechanical Engineering Degree

Because mechanical engineering degree graudates typically interact with a variety of professionals, it is necessary to have good oral and written communication skills. Graduates must also be able to work effectively in a group setting to successfully complete projects in the professional world. Mechanical engineering degree holders will be most successful if they are creative, inquisitive, analytical, and detail-oriented, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Prospective students may contact Kennedy-Western University for more information on earning an online Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering., the education and career resource, is another valuable source of information with an extensive list of available programs and educational resources.

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