Mechanical Engineering Technology Degree Discover a Career with the CIA

Contrary to popular portrayals on television series, working for the rarely involves racing through downtown in a sports car, disengaging bombs, or flying away from a dramatic scene while standing on the skids and leaning out of a stealthy black helicopter. While a rare few experience anything as cinematic as these examples while working in the filed, the majority of the work performed at the CIA is mission driven and can involve: Security clearance. Focused research. Monitoring. Analysis. Technical writing. Reporting. Presentations. Policy and legal requirements. Intensive investigation. Technical development. Travel. Management. Administration. Individuals who choose to work for the CIA come from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds. However, a professional with a mechanical engineering degree who chooses to work with the CIA must learn to see the job as a mindset and a lifestyle rather than simply a mechanical engineering job.

Mechanical Engineering with the CIA

A person who has earned a mechanical engineering degree online or through some other means enters one of the broadest areas of engineering. Mechanical engineers work with a variety of mechanical devices, including everything from small engines to large cruise ships. With the CIA, the mechanical engineering degree holder troubleshoots programs and recommends new software and processes to make tasks more efficient. The mechanical engineer also assists in the transition between computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) engineering processes and actual production of machines. While working for the CIA, mechanical engineers engage in both domestic and foreign travel.

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Requirements to Work as a Mechanical Engineer for the CIA

U.S. citizenship is required to hold a position with the CIA. A mechanical engineering BS degree online or through some other means is required to secure a mechanical engineering job. In addition to a mechanical engineering technology degree, three years of relevant work experience and a two-year technical certificate is required.

Mechanical Engineering Technology Degree

Some students are choosing to earn a mechanical engineering BS degree online through schools such as Warren National University. Programs, such as Kennedy- Western University‘s mechanical engineering degree online, focus on both thermal sciences and machine design, giving graduates exposure to the entire field of mechanical engineering before deciding on a specialty within the discipline. Earning a mechanical engineering degree online can be a convenient way to work towards requirements while maintaining work and family responsibilities.

The CIA Application process

According to the CIA career website, the application process for a mechanical engineering job can take anywhere from two months to one year. Every applicant must undergo a medical examination and a psychological test. An extensive background is performed on each applicant along with a polygraph test. Students interested in more information about a career with the CIA may visit the CIA career website.

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