Nonprofit Jobs Training to be a Communications Director

According to the Occupational Outlook Quarterly, nonprofit organizations offer over ten million nonprofit jobs. Nonprofit organization jobs offer professionals the opportunity to earn money while fighting for a cause. A variety of nonprofit jobs exist in a number of professional fields. Students who have a knack for writing and communication may have success focusing a nonprofit job search on the position of communications director.

What is a Communications Director?

The nonprofit job opportunity of communications director exists to heighten awareness of the organization’s activities. The communications director is usually in charge of producing any agency newsletters and press releases. Calling the media to pursue coverage of the organization’s events and programs is another duty of the communications director. The goal is to keep the public and donors aware of the organization’s accomplishments.

What does a Communications Director do on a daily basis?

Nonprofit jobs in communications are comparable to public relations and writers in the business sector. Because of the nature of the work in communication nonprofit jobs, much of the day is spent in an office writing, using a computer, and talking on the phone. However, when a special event or crisis occurs, the communications director typically will go to the site as a reporter of sorts. Nonprofit organization jobs in communications thrive on observation and interviewing volunteers in order to report the latest activities of the organization to the public at large.

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What education is required to be a Communications Director?

Although there is no specific educational path towards obtaining a nonprofit job in communications, most communications directors have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, a bachelor’s degree in english, or a bachelor’s degree in public relations. Many schools are now offering programs that focus specifically on preparing students for nonprofit jobs. Capella University offers a Master of Science in Human Services in Management of Nonprofit Agencies as well as a PhD in Human Services in Management of Nonprofit Agencies.

What qualities are necessary for success as a Communications Director?

Nonprofit jobs in communications call for outgoing individuals who are able to maintain a community network of support for the organization. Communications directors must also have excellent writing skills, and the ability to tell stories in an appealing manner. Finally, professionals who hold nonprofit jobs in communications must be knowledgeable about the values and opinions of the community. This knowledge is helpful in relating to the public in a way that best promotes the organization.

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Students interested in pursuing nonprofit organization jobs may contact Capella University for more information., the premiere education and career resource, is another valuable source of information with an extensive list of available programs and education resources.