Nonprofit Jobs Training to be a Manager of Volunteers

As the very name implies, nonprofit organizations make no profit. Consequently, a large portion of the organization’s labor is dependent on the time and efforts of volunteers. Juliet Orzal, Director of Volunteers recently featured in the Occupational Outlook Quarterly, manages the 50 to 100 volunteers that come to Martha’s Table on a daily basis. Orzal organizes the efforts of volunteers that make food services, day care, and tutoring programs possible through the DC based nonprofit organization.

What is a Manager of Volunteers?

A manager of volunteers finds, organizes, and trains volunteers for the necessary work of the organization. They focus on the mission of the organization to create nonprofit jobs for volunteers to fill. Another important part of the manager of volunteer’s work is thanking volunteers for fulfilling the numerous nonprofit jobs. Because the volunteers perform nonprofit jobs for free, thanks and personal satisfaction are all the payment they receive.

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What types of things do Managers of Volunteers do on a daily basis?

The manager of volunteers is responsible for finding and recruiting volunteers to fill nonprofit jobs. This may include calling churches, schools, and businesses to increase awareness of a nonprofit job opportunity. It may also involve making presentations to various organizations in an attempt to discover willing volunteers for the available nonprofit jobs. Once a volunteer is recruited, the manager of volunteers then interviews each candidate in order to place them in the best nonprofit job opportunity.

Training is another vital function of the manager of volunteers. Training for nonprofit jobs may consist of just one day, or several days, of formal training classes. Often, the manager of volunteers will teach the training programs personally. The aim is to ensure that the volunteers are prepared to fulfill the nonprofit job opportunity and gain knowledge of what to expect.

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Finally, the manager of volunteers serves as a vital resource for volunteers while they are working at nonprofit jobs. He or she, the manager, is responsible for making sure that volunteers have the necessary tools and knowledge to perform their duties successfully. The manager of volunteers also makes sure that the volunteers know that their work is appreciated. In addition to the regular verbal thanks, managers of volunteers are typically responsible for organizing formal events to show official thanks from the organization.

What kind of education is required to be a Manger of Volunteers?

Although there are no specific education requirements, managers of volunteers may need to be knowledgeable in a certain industry or skill set, depending on the nonprofit organization for which they work. Many managers of volunteers have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a bachelor’s degree in social work, or a bachelor’s degree in human resource management. Increasingly, many schools are offering advanced degrees with a focus in management of nonprofit agencies. Capella University offers a Master of Science in Human Services in Management of Nonprofit Agencies as well as a PhD in Human Services in Management of Nonprofit Agencies.

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Students interested in pursuing nonprofit organization jobs may contact Capella University for more information., the education resource web site, is also a valuable resource with an extensive list of available programs and education resources.