Online BSN Degree Forensic Pediatric Nurses Protect Human Rights of Children

Forensic nurses act as a vital link between medicine and law in the criminal justice system. Cases involving elder abuse, child neglect, gun shot wounds, and sexual abuse may all be investigated by forensic nurses. Some nurses are now choosing to earn an online BSN degree to become better qualified to work with children’s human rights issues as a Forensic Pediatric Nurse.

What is a Forensic Pediatric Nurse?

Forensic Pediatric Nurses care for and investigate cases involving children. A Forensic Pediatric Nurse is charged with the protection of the human rights of children. In order to specialize in this type of work, a Forensic Pediatric Nurse is often a graduate with an online BSN degree.

What does a Forensic Pediatric Nurse investigate?

Human rights issues most commonly encountered by Forensic Pediatric Nurses include child abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Examples of the duties performed by a Forensic Pediatric Nurse are administering a pelvic exam to a suspected victim of child molestation or investigating the circumstances surrounding an unexpected infant death. Online BSN degree graduates who work as Forensic Pediatric Nurses typically are employed in pediatric departments of hospitals, others enter into private practice.

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Required Education to Become a Forensic Pediatric Nurse

Forensic Pediatric Nurses must be licensed as Registered Nurses in the U.S. Licensure may be obtained through a hospital diploma, associate degree, or campus or online BSN degree program. BSN schools, such as Kaplan University, offer a Forensic Nursing Certificate Program that provides essential training in forensic sciences. Kaplan’s bachelor of science nursing online program also offers students the opportunity to pursue a specialty within the field of nursing, such as pediatric nursing. Prospective students who are interested in more information about a career as a Forensic Pediatric Nurse may visit the International Association of Forensic Nurses website.

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