Online BSN Nursing Degree Nursing Education has Significant Impact on Patient Mortality

RN’s have yet another reason to enroll in Online BSN Nursing Degree programs.

A recent study revealed a startling link between nursing education and patient mortality. Surgery patients across Pennsylvania head a death rate nearly twice as high in hospitals with fewer Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) educated nurses.

The September, 2017 study was featured in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). It included 168 hospitals and 232,342 surgery patients.

Online BSN Nursing Degree Grads Preferred to Nurses with Years of Experience

Even more surprising, years of nursing experience did not predict patient outcome. The leader of the study, Linda Aiken, RN, PhD, stated that the BSN-nursing-degree staff showed more effective critical thinking skills compared to less educated nurses.

Study Urges Employers to Recruit more University of Phoenix BSN Nursing Degree Grads

Overall results showed that a 10% increase in BSN educated nurses resulted in a 5% decrease in patient mortality. Study authors concluded that recruiting more BSN educated nurses and less 2 and 3 year degree nurses would have a positive impact on patient health.

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