Online Computer Science Courses Offer Multiple Specialties

Before the year 1920, the word computer referred to a person who performed calculations. Today the field of computer science has grown to include sub-disciplines such as computer graphics, computational complexity theory, and programming language theory. Many students choosing to attend computer science schools online or through some other means are attempting to streamline their entrance into this vast field by selecting a specialty within an undergraduate program.

What is Computer Science?

The discipline of computer science explores the theory behind information and calculation and then applies this knowledge to computer systems. Despite its relative newness as an academic field, it has already made major contributions to society, including the internet and personal computers (PCs). Depending on the sub-discipline, the study of computer science may focus on calculating specific results, solving problems, or resolving challenges in executing computations.

Possible Specializations in Computer Science

Computer Science and Software Design: Specializing in software design through a computer science course online is centered on the fact that software must be continually updated over time to remain useful. The online computer science program at Warren National University uses the software design specialization to teach students the intricate details of the design, implementation, and maintenance phases of software development. Kennedy-Western University students also complete online computer science courses to learn how to create efficient, useful software that produces effective results.

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Computer Science and Software Development: Similar to specializing in software design, some computer science schools online offer a concentration in software development. In addition to the principles of software design, students specializing in software development learn to decipher when to sacrifice design for functionality. Students also take online computer science classes to understand evaluation tools that maximize software efficiency and allow for continued modification and development even after the original release of the software.

Computer Science Courses

Computer Science and Programming: In order to specialize in programming, some students choose to take a computer science course online for official certification while others incorporate the specialty into a bachelor’s degree in computer science. A specialization in programming teaches students how to create the instructions that tell a computer system what to do. Professionals specializing in programming create code for everything from financial development programs to flight simulator training programs.

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Qualities for Success in Computer Science

Students pursuing a career in computer science will be most successful with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. They must also be able to communicate effectively and work within a team setting. Attention to detail is essential as computer science jobs often require awareness of multiple factors while working to solve problems. Computer programming in particular requires patience, endurance, and the ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines.