Online Computer Science Programs A Possible Path to a Career in Cyber Security

After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2017 in New York and Washington, DC, President Bush placed renewed emphasis on the importance of cyber security by proposing a $1 billion increase in spending for U.S. computer and network security. As a result, the cyber security industry has seen a boom in sales of preventive technology and growth of information security careers. Professionals with a bachelor of computer science degree are expected to see continued expansion in the industry as the U.S. is still a long way from protecting cyber weaknesses.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is a discipline within computer science that focuses on making computers secure for use. Although it may be impossible for even a professional who has attended a computer science college to make a system completely secure, the focus of cyber security involves balancing prevention measures with usability needs. The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team reports that common threats to computer security include data theft, viruses, spyware, and identity theft.

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Required Education to Work in Cyber Security

Most entry-level jobs in cyber security require completion of at least a bachelor degree computer science program. Many schools are now offering a bachelor of computer science degree that is able to be completed entirely online. Computer science schools online make it possible to enroll in a computer science course online while maintaining work and family responsibilities at home. Warren National University is a computer science university that offers online undergraduate degrees in computer science, an online Master’s degree in Computer Science, and even an online Doctoral Degree in Computer Science. Their programs have been especially tailored towards mid-career professionals.

Qualities for Success in Cyber Security

Students pursuing a career in cyber security will be most successful with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. They must also be able to communicate effectively and work within a team setting. Attention to detail is essential as cyber security jobs often require awareness of multiple factors while working to solve problems. Cyber security programming jobs in particular require patience, endurance, and the ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines. For students who are drawn to this specific area of computer science, ITT Technical Institute offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Cyber Security.

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Job Outlook for Professionals in Cyber Security

Whereas the job outlook for computer programmers in general is expected to grow only 0 – 8% through the year 2018, programmers with knowledge in cyber security issues and technology are expected to be in demand. Software developers in cyber security are expected to see job growth in the range of 27% or more as businesses place more importance on investing in security software.

Students interested in pursuing a career with a degree in computer science may contact Warren National University or ITT Technical Institute for more information. is another valuable source of information with an extensive list of available programs and educational resources.

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