Online Courses in Computer Science

Finding individual courses in computer science can be something of a challenge with online colleges. Their approach to computer science and to most other academic disciplines is to offer an educational package that, upon completion, will provide significant value in the job market. Some large universities provide individual courses through their online or extension programs, since they are designed for their professors to teach on an a la carte basis. American Intercontinental University offers individual courses in web design, computer information systems, programming and a few other areas.

If you are looking for a single class on a narrow, specialized topic you might have better luck consulting large universities’ online services. If you are looking for a comprehensive course of learning about computer science, you can find one at almost any level of concentration and academic achievement. There are online courses for certification in various areas of computer science that take a period of months.

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Collegiate degrees in computer science and related fields are available online at every level, from an IT associate’s to a doctorate level IT degree. Online degrees generally take less time to achieve than their campus-based counterparts: a bachelor’s degree is usually obtainable in two to three years. The length of time required will be dictated to some extent by the number of transferable college credits you’ve earned. However, online degrees are achieved in less time under any circumstance due to the accelerated methods of study that the online colleges have available.

Courses for certification status in certain aspects of computer science are available from such schools as CDI College. They specialize in this sort of teaching program in that they have nine choices for study in the area of computer networking alone. Topics of specialization include internet security and network administrator. Their training programs lead to certification for specific specialties. They have five options in the programming analyst area, all focused on the web in some fashion. You can also find online certification courses in specific program languages such as C++ or specific server protocols such as Sun’s Solaris.

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Courses in Computer Science

Beyond the training programs, there are a wealth of computer science programs that lead to college degrees. Kaplan University has six associate’s degree programs in computer information systems that would probably take eighteen months or less to complete. Areas of specialization include databases, Java programming, the web and wireless networking.

Kaplan has a similar number of bachelor’s programs in information technology. One of the more intriguing choices at Kaplan is the bachelor’s in IT with a specialization in multimedia and animation, which ought to lead to some imaginative opportunities in web page construction.

Computer science is one of the most popular areas of study online because so many working professionals need additional education in the field in order to advance in their career. You can find the right combination of courses and course programs to fit your needs with some dedicated click work.

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