Online Criminal Justice Program Practice Law Enforcement for the Courts as a Bailiff

Earning a bachelor criminal justice degree opens a wide variety of career options. Criminal justice programs can prepare students for occupations within law enforcement, corrections, or the court system. Within the criminal justice system is the position of bailiff, sometimes described as the law enforcement arm of the court. An online criminal justice program can equip students with the needed skills to function successfully as a bailiff at the state or federal level.

What is a Bailiff?

Online criminal justice program graduates who choose to work as bailiffs provide law enforcement services for the court. Typical duties include maintaining order in the courtroom, serving legal documents, and guarding juries from outside contact when court is not in session. Enforcing evictions and seizing property are additional responsibilities sometimes carried out by bailiffs. Other job titles, for online criminal justice program graduates who provide security for courts, are marshals or court officers.

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Required Education to Become a Bailiff

There is no specific educational path towards becoming a bailiff. County positions may require only a high school diploma or an associate degree in criminal justice. However, state and federal positions often require bailiffs to earn a campus or online criminal justice program degree. Schools, such as Kaplan University, offer an online criminal justice program that can be completed by working professionals. Kaplan students may choose a specialty within the field of criminal justice, such as: forensic psychology, corrections, crime analysis, or law enforcement. Bachelor of science in criminal justice education provides students with critical thinking skills and extensive training in criminology, criminal justice administration, criminal law, and other topics critical to a future career in criminal justice.

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