Online Education Options in Healthcare

Online schools provide an abundance of opportunities for aspiring healthcare professionals, including almost any administrative or non-medical healthcare career that you can think of. There are some schools that offer online Registered Nursing programs. Both the University of Phoenix Online and Kaplan University offer bachelor of science degrees to individuals who are already working as registered nurses.

There are a number of specialized skills and administrative aspects behind the healthcare industry. A majority of the skills necessary can be obtained through the provisions of online educational institutions. These colleges and universities are certified, and the degrees are authentic. Certifications, as well as bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate’s degrees can be acquired online in the various disciplines under non-medical healthcare professions.

Kaplan University offers certification programs in case management, forensic nursing, legal nurse consulting, geriatric care management, and life care planning. These programs for registered nurses who need to specialize in order to qualify for a certain position. Kaplan also provides a health care management bachelor’s degree program.

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Case management has to do with health insurance. Individuals in case management are responsible for decisions related to which treatments are covered by insurance, and handing claim disputes. Case managers are also involved in the clinical testing of drugs during pre-release, in the biotech field. There is certainly a growing need for individuals to fill such positions.

Online bachelor’s and graduate degrees in health administration are available at Kennedy Western University. The University of Phoenix Online offers master’s programs in nursing and healthcare management, healthcare administration, and business administration with a specialization in healthcare administration. Healthcare management degrees are also offered at Ashworth College, who also offers public health classes.

Anyone interested in working towards a degree in healthcare administration should think about where they want to end up working specifically. Health administration is a broad label, that encompasses a number of different focuses. It will be helpful to decide on a concentration, like clinic management or public health, before embarking on the path to your degree.

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