Online Management Degree Program Work for Multiple Companies or Become Self-Employed as a Management Analyst

Management analysts, or management consultants, are expected to see more than a 27% increase in job openings through the year 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As of 2017, there were already 605,000 workers in the management analyst field. Enrolling in a campus or online management degree program is a promising way to get started in this lucrative industry.

What is a Management Analyst?

A graduate of a campus or online management degree program who chooses to specialize as a management analyst is responsible for presenting ways to improve a company’s structure, efficiency, and profits. Management analysts with a bachelor business degree in management may work with other management analysts as a team or autonomously with the company’s managers. Sample projects a management analyst could undertake include creating an improved inventory control system for a new small business or making recommendations to a larger company as to how to increase worker efficiency and decrease work overlap. A management analyst who has graduated from a campus or online management degree program may pursue self-employment or potentially find employment in the private sector or the government.

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Required Education to be a Management Analyst

At a minimum, professionals who wish to become management analysts must earn a campus or online bachelor degree business management diploma. Schools, such as Kaplan University, offer an online management degree program specifically designed for working professionals. Other skills may be required that are specific to the industry that a management analyst chooses to enter. Many employers prefer management analysts to pursue a graduate degree in business or a related discipline. However, entry-level employment in a government management analyst position may be obtained without a graduate degree.