Online Master’s and Doctorates Degrees in Education

Individuals who begin a college level course of study with the intention of teaching at the elementary or high school level will major in education. It is rare that you will see a program labeled “teaching degree.” Education degrees tend to focus on specific levels or aspects of teaching.

Master’s and doctorate degrees are offered in education. There are program offerings available such as “Master’s in Education/Early Childhood Education.” The University of Phoenix Online offers the following degrees in education:

Master of Arts in Education/Curriculum & Instruction – Adult Education Master of Arts in Education/Curriculum & Instruction – Computer Education Master of Arts in Education/Curriculum & Instruction – ESL Master of Arts in Education/Early Childhood Education Master of Arts in Education/Elementary Teacher Education Master of Arts in Education/Secondary Teacher Education Master of Arts in Education/Special Education

As you may have noticed, not all of these degrees are geared for classroom instruction. Some of these degrees would put a person in an administrative or planning position in a school state board office of education.

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Doctoral programs in education are also available at the University of Phoenix Online. The focuses for the two doctoral programs the school offers are educational leadership and curriculum and instruction. An individual with one of these degrees might teach on the college level or take on a leadership role in an educational district.

Capella University offers the following advanced degree programs for people already working as teachers: Leadership in Educational Administration, Curriculum and Instruction, Advanced Classroom Instruction, and Reading and Literacy. These programs are also geared for those interested in educational management or leadership positions. Capella also offers the following advanced degrees for individuals who are not certified teachers: Leadership for Higher Education, Postsecondary and Adult Education, Professional Studies in Education, Instructional Design for Online Learning, Training and Performance Improvement, and Enrollment Management.

There are advanced degree programs available at Jones International University for those who want to become teachers. There are fourteen concentrations available in the school’s master’s of education program offerings. Five of the programs are for those who would like to obtain their teacher’s license. There are also programs for those looking to play administrative roles in education.

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With online colleges, and most other institutions, you are likely to obtain your master’s degree along with teacher certification.