Online RN to BSN Degree Become Qualified to Work as an Operating Room Nurse

Working in the operating room requires specialized nursing knowledge, critical thinking abilities, and effective communication skills. Operating room nurses work closely with patients, family, physicians, and nurse anesthetists. Shifting into this specialized career field requires hands-on training and quality education. Many nurses are choosing to complete online RN to BSN degree programs (Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing) in preparation for a career as an operating room nurse.

What Does an Operating Room Nurse Do?

Graduates of campus or online RN to BSN degree programs who choose to specialize as operating room nurses care for surgical patients immediately before and during an operation. Direct care of the patient involves monitoring vital signs and ensuring proper positioning. An operating room nurse who has graduated from a campus or online RN to BSN degree program also prepares the operating room with any needed supplies, medical equipment, and surgical instruments. The RN First Surgical Assistant actually assists the physician during the course of the operation to control bleeding, provide wound exposure, and suturing. Finally, the operating room nurse facilitates communication between the family and medical staff.

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Required Education to Work as an Operating Room Nurse: the Value of an RN to BSN Degree

Nurses may legally practice with a hospital diploma, associate degree, or bachelor degree in nursing science. However, employers most often prefer to hire nurses who have completed a campus or online RN to BSN degree program, particularly for specialized areas within the field of nursing. Education at the bachelor of science in nursing level typically provides hands-on training in a variety of specialized areas and also equips nurses with advanced communication and critical thinking skills.

For professionals who already possess Registered Nurse credentials, accelerated BSN degree programs are available through online RN to BSN degree schools. Schools, such as Kaplan University and University of Phoenix, offer online RN to BSN degree programs that have been specifically designed for working registered nurses and allow students to specialize in a particular area of nursing. For an extensive list of online RN to BSN degree programs, students may visit, the education and career resource website.

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