Online RN to BSN Does Education Make a Better Nurse

Earning an online RN to BSN degree can lead to better job opportunities, more promotions, and higher salary. However, many RN’s refrain from pursuing higher education, stating that more education will not make them better nurses.

Current Online RN to BSN Students Talk

To challenge this theory, current online RN to BSN students were interviewed for their opinions. The overwhelming response was that online RN to BSN education improved nursing practice in ways that could never have been predicted before enrolling in the program.

One Nurse Experiences Changes After Just 2 Online RN to BSN Classes!

One student asserted that her practice changed after just 2 online RN to BSN classes. Ethics and theory helped the student nurse to see patients in a whole new light. Another nurse of 21 years revealed that online RN to BSN education renewed a desire to make a difference for patients again.

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Online RN to BSN Education Likened to Foreign Travel

In total, interviewers gathered a wealth of improvements to nursing practice from survey responses. By the end of the online RN to BSN program, students developed enhanced leadership skills, more effective research abilities, and better understanding of nursing theory.

One final nursing student compared further education to foreign travel: “You cannot go to a foreign country and not be changed in some way.”

For more information about pursuing an online RN to BSN degree, prospective students are encouraged to fill out an information request form. Additional nursing resources and links to nursing programs are available through, the leading education and career resource website.

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