Organizational Psychology and Development An Exciting Career Opportunity

As one of the fastest growing and most highly compensated fields in psychology, organizational psychology and development may be well worth considering as a career choice. A brief Wikipedia search defines organizational psychology and development as a field that goes beyond general psychology and applies psychological principals to the work place. Organizational psychology is used to increase productivity and improve the quality of workers’ lives. Programs such as the Organizational Psychology and Development degree at American InterContinental University teach students how to understand the dynamics of human behavior and how to use that knowledge to solve organizational challenges.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Psychology and Development can lead to numerous job opportunities. American InterContinental University boasts that its graduates hold positions in human resources, training and development, and customer service. Management consulting in the areas of strategic planning, quality management, and organizational change are but a few additional possibilities laid out in the most recent Occupational Outlook Handbook from the U.S Department of Labor.

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With further training through graduate education, the opportunities in organizational psychology and development continue to expand. Many graduates go on to specialize in disciplines such as employment law, personnel selection, coaching and development, and organizational design. Another increasingly popular job function is management coaching in which a specialized psychologist counsels management on aspects like organizational culture and group dynamics.

One of the attractive aspects of organizational and development psychology is that it encompasses a wide array of disciplines. Depending on the specific career path, disciplines like social psychology, clinical psychology, statistics, economics, and even business law may be utilized. The possibilities are indeed endless.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, overall employment in the field of psychology is expected to grow faster than average through the year 2018. Specifically for organizational psychologists, demand will increase to facilitate workplace diversity and discrimination issues and to boost employee retention. The overall job outlook certainly looks promising.

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Although a graduate degree is required to earn the average median income of $71,400 reported in the Occupational Outlook Handbook, a bachelor’s degree can be a good first step towards specializing in organizational psychology. The Bachelor of Business Administration in Organizational Psychology and Development at American InterContinental University can also serve as preparation for a Master of Business Administration in Organizational Psychology and Development if that is a student’s ultimate goal.

There are several professional organizations to check out for more information about the field of organizational psychology. The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology ( has up-to-date news related to the field as well as a directory of smaller local groups. The Professional I-O Psychologist Network ( also has information about research, jobs, and internships in the field. Finally, is a user-friendly website that can help prospective students locate a suitable online degree program. For many students, organizational psychology and development could turn out to be an ideal career.

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