Paralegal Career Education

You can find schools that offer associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees in paralegal studies. Certification programs are also available in the field.

Kaplan University offers several programs in paralegal studies. They have an online program for and associate’s degree, and a bachelor’s program in paralegal studies. The bachelor’s program comes in two forms. The basic bachelor’s in paralegal studies program provides a liberal arts background with research and analysis skills needed on the job. There are also some technical law studies included in the program. The Advanced Start Bachelor’s in Paralegal Studies is offered to those who have already achieved an associate’s degree, and for students who already have some experience working in the field. This program results in advanced communication skills, critical thinking, and technical proficiency.

The paralegal studies program at Kaplan University offers focused courses in personal injury, office management and alternative dispute resolution. These concentrations are a good choice for those who are working and want to improve their knowledge base in those particular areas, in order to be better at what they do. Dispute resolution, in particular, is the best focus to select if you are interested in arbitration.

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There is an associate’s and a bachelor’s degree program in paralegal studies offered at Florida Metropolitan University. Their training program includes preparing pleadings, drafting documents and researching case law.

You can become a legal secretary, court reporter, or a legal assistant with training in paralegal studies. Having “Certified Legal Assistant” (CLA) listed among your credentials on your resume can add credibility. Often, paralegals can be responsible for taking care of any task that an attorney might do, save trying a case. This might include writing briefs, interviewing clients, and preparing documents to be filed with courts.

Other paralegal positions are primarily administrative, and there is a lot of legal activity involved. Online paralegal programs cover all types of job responsibilities that a paralegal might encounter. Classes online prepare students for contracts, bankruptcy files, and family law as well as grammar skills, computer usage, and legal terminology. The direction of your career as a paralegal depends on you and the law office you work for.

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